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The Rest of Your Life

The Rest Of Your Life is an opportunity to improve your quality of life and recovery from a substance use disorder, a way of life that is going to shorten your time as a human being. We have expert certified assistance for you or a loved one.

We offer a choice that is greater than abstinence, it is a solution to being sick and tired of being sick and tired.

The public is not well-informed about substance abusers or the brain disease of addiction. Generally, most people are not aware of the role a Recovery Coach plays in preventing relapse.

It is still generally believed that the people affected can stop; if only the they would. Mental Health and Substance Misuse involves so much more than physical or mental obsessions; there are relationship issues, legal and financial consequences, family dynamics, lifestyle choices, nutritional and physical fitness choice that have contributed to manifest this health issue. The substance or obsession is only a symptom.

The role of the Recovery Coach is to guide the client and family on a path to uncover the underlying issues and develop a lifestyle conducive to recovery.

The point of substance misuse recovery is life over death. We can make it by self-willed abstinence, the easier and undisciplined way, affording a less stressful lack of commitment, or by the action of recovery, a planned change of lifestyle designed to prolong life and make it more joyous and freer.

It is a medical fact that long-term addiction will result in a shorter more painful life, not just for the abuser but also for those closest to him/her. In abstinence we may be successful for short periods of time or indefinitely.
But if the point is recovery; then we are searching for a quality of life that includes peaceful happiness, better relationships, less expectations, more acceptance and tolerance, freedom and peace.

The truth about our mental and physical health is that it does not discriminate based on race, status, ethnicity or religion.

Your choices are recovery or relapse. We can help you find a way to change your design for living permanently improves your quality of life. The journey away from relapse and into recovery is available for you.

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